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Spirts Baptism Separate and Subsequent from Salvation

“For John baptized you with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

                                                                                                               -Acts 1:5

There a quite a few Christians that accept the scriptural validity of the Spirits Baptism. After all, it is mentioned by name in all four of the Gospels as well as in the book of Acts. What people question is the teaching that a believer receives the Baptism in the Holy Spirit AFTER they have been saved. Some maintain that salvation and the Spirits Baptism are one and the same. In this blog, I will with the backing of scripture demonstrate how the Separate and Subsequent teaching is valid.

Fist there are the Apostles. After his resurrection, Jesus remained on the earth for forty days then he ascended to heaven(Acts 1:3). The apostles did not receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit until ten days later(Acts 2:1-4). We know from Christs words that the Apostles were indeed saved before the day of Pentecost.

“However, do not rejoice that the evil spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”
                               -Luke 10:20

We can see from this verse that the apostles names were already “written in heaven” prior to Pentecost making their experience of the Spirits Baptism a separate and subsequent work.

The next passage is most compelling, and most supportive of the separate and subsequent teaching.

“When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent Peter and John to Samaria. When they arrived, they prayed for the new believers there that they might receive the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit had not yet come on any of them; they had simply been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.”        Acts 8:14-17

In this passage we find people who are clearly believers. The verses above state that these people have “accepted the word of God”, and have been “baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus”. This passage also clearly says that these people had not received the Holy Spirit. Now, if it is true that the Baptism in the Holy Spirit occurs at the moment of salvation, how can this passage be valid? According to that line of thinking this passage doesn’t make any sense. How can someone be a Christian and not have the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the one who convicts us of sin, reveals to us Gods salvation through Christ, and regenerates us. He indwells in every believer. As was the case in the people described in the above passage. What they had not received was the Baptism in the Spirit. This is a clear demonstration that the Spirits Baptism is a Separate and Subsequent work from Salvation and only occurs after one is Born Again, not at the same time, and certainly not before.

“While Apollos was at Corinth, Paul took the road through the interior and arrived at Ephesus. There he found some disciples and asked them, ‘Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?”
   They answered, “No, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.'”
                                                                                             -Acts 19:1-2

This is always an interesting passage to read. Here the Apostle Paul encounters some disciples. We know that these are disciples following Christ and not disciples of John the Baptist or pseudo-Christians for one distinct reason. The word “disciple”(Greek mathetes) occurs thirty times in the book of Acts. All the times before and after this passage it always means a disciple of Jesus. The only exception is in Acts 9:25 when the word “his” is used to designate a disciple of Paul. There is no reason being as meticulous and technical in his writing as the writer of Acts was, that he would deviate from his standard usage of that word. Once again, we see from this passage people who are followers of Christ but had not yet received the Spirits Baptism.

Some people argue that the book of Acts does indeed clearly illustrate examples of believers receiving the Spirits Baptism after and separate from their initial converseion. They maintain that because those are historical accounts they cannot be used to formulate doctrine. That although Acts does record the Spirits Baptism in such a way, it is nowhere commanded in scripture that it must happen that way. What proponents of this idea fail to realize is that each writer of scripture must be understood in their own terms and styles. Luke is viewed by most biblical scholars as a theologian as much as he is a historian. To the point that he clearly shows his theology through his telling of historical accounts. In other words, the reason Luke recorded the Spirits Baptism occurring separate and subsequent from salvation is because he believes that to be theologically correct.

If you are a Born Again follower of Christ but have not yet received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, I encourage you to study the subject in God’s Word, pray for the fullness of the Spirit, and openly receive this blessing so that you may be empowered to live for God, and be an effective wittiness for Christ.


My Experience with the Spirits Baptism

I have found that most people take facts, proof, evidence, etc with a grain of salt. You can prove almost anything these days. What people want is something real. They want to hear it from people who have been there, who have touched and experienced it. In my previous posts I explained how the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues as a separate and subsequent work from and after salvation is strongly backed up by scripture. In this post, I want to share with you my experience. During the summer of 2003 I began doing my own research on the subject of the Spirits Baptism. I had heard of it before, but I wanted to examine it for myself. What I found was that it was indeed a doctrine supported by the Bible. So I began seeking the Baptism. As I prayed for this daily and continued seeking it in Gods word, the Holy Spirit began “wettening” my appetite for more of the Spirit. For the fullness of the Spirit. I began to earnestly hunger and thirst for more of Christ in my life. I wanted to live a life of power as the early Christians did. In the month of August 2003 I hit a bit of low point. I was downcast, depressed, and frustrated at many things going on in my life. My only response was to fall on my knees and cry out to God. Through the tears I couldn’t even pray, I could only say the sweet name of Jesus. Then something happened that I will never forget. I felt as though God suddenly poured out all his presence, power, strength, love, joy, and peace over me like a mighty flood. It was overwhelming. I then began to speak in tongues as a result. After the experience I was never the same. The way I lived was different. They way I thought was different. Even the way I talked was different. My Christian walk changed dramatically. When I prayed it wasn’t merely a repetition of requests, petitions, and empty words. It was conversation with the Living God. It was a prayer life of POWER. The way I read the Bible changed as well. It was no longer a bunch words in a book. As I read it, it became ALIVE and jumped out at me and changed me as I read it. I felt free to worship God in ways I couldn’t before. I experienced a new desire to live for God and the empowerment to live for him as well. I felt a new zeal to reach out to the lost along with the boldness to do so. My walk with God changed dramatically after the Spirits Baptism. I was on fire to say the least. My Experience with the Spirits Baptism mirrored by the experiences of others I have never met confirm its reality. God wants you to experience this blessing too. Seek him to day, and be FILLED with the Holy Spirit. Posted by 1stAGSmithfieldNC at 5:52 AM Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz

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How Far Away is Death?

People of a young age usually look on the day of their death as something far off. This is of course provided that their demise does not come about through a car wreck, freak accident, or any other form of “untimely death”. It has been said that the average person will die around the age of 70. If thats true lets look at the time we have left from a different perspective other than years. For example something we all love, weekends. If your 20, then that means you only have 2,500 weekends lefts. If your 30, you only have 2,000 weekends left. If your 40, then you only have 1,500 weekends left. If your 50, then you only have 1,000 weekends left. Finally, if your 60, you have a mere 500 weekends left. Life is short. Death is certain. The Bible says after death we all must face a holy and righteous God at judgment. He will see everything we ever did, said, and thought about. He will judge us by the standard of his Law(the Ten Commandments). You only have to look at a few. Have you ever lied, stolen, or taken Gods name in vain? Thats only three. Jesus said if you look with lust, you commit adultery in your heart. Thats the seventh commandment. If God judged you by the standard of the ten commandments, where do you stand, innocent or guilty? Repent and trust in the Savior while your heart still beats